Wareshine commercial dishwashers and glasswashers

Keeping your tableware hygienic and presentable is of supreme importance in any catering enterprise. Wareshine provide high quality and competitively priced commercial dishwashers, glasswashers, cutlery polishers and glass polishers to take the burden of this responsibility for you.

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Hobart undercounter dishwasher

Undercounter Dishwashers

A range of high performance commercial dishwashers, designed to deliver consistently clean results. With controls to ensure easy operation, and additional features to guarantee economical usage and quieter operation, the Ecomax range of undercounter dishwashers delivers consistent, sparkling results.

Hobart passthrough dishwasher

Passthrough Dishwashers

The Ecomax range of passthrough dishwashers (also known as hood types) is efficient and economical. Perfectly suited to any busy kitchen, the robust, high quality range is sure to meet your operational requirements.

Hobart rack conveyor dishwasher

Rack Conveyor Dishwashers

Ecomax Plus rack conveyors are truly outstanding in their field, delivering ease of use and low running costs. Designed for higher volume operations, the machines ensure a gleaming finish without fail.

Hobart glasswasher


Research indicates that 94% of customers would be put off returning to an outlet again if presented with dirty glassware. Ecomax glasswashers make it quick, simple and cost effective to deliver a high quality finish, every time.

Hobart compact glasswasher

Compact Glasswashers

Clean, sparkling glassware is essential for you to be able to deliver consistently great experiences for your customers. The Ecomax range of compact glasswashers delivers reliable, highly efficient and effective results, even within tight footprints – offering ultimate peace of mind.

Spoonshine Cutlery Polisher

Cutlery Polishers

Raise standards in efficiency, presentation and hygiene whilst maximising profits with a cutlery polisher from Spoonshine. Machine sizes suitable for establishments large and small.

Wineshine Glass Polisher

Glass Polishers

Maximise presentation in timesaving fashion with the Wineshine glass polisher. Save costs by reducing labour and eliminating the use of blue roll and rinse aid.

Hobart dishwasher accessories

Warewashing Accessories

We offer a full range of cutlery, glass, cup and plate racks as well as chemicals to assist you in efficiently providing highly presentable tableware.

Dishwasher, glasswasher, cutlery and glass polisher consumables

Warewashing Chemicals

Detergents and rinse aids for dish and glass washers. Water softening salt. Polishing granulate for cutlery polishers.