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Keeping your tableware hygienic and presentable is of supreme importance in any catering enterprise. Wareshine provide high quality and competitively priced commercial dishwashers, glasswashers, cutlery polishers and glass polishers to take the burden of this responsibility for you.

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Choosing a dishwasher

If you are reading this you are probably either considering replacing your existing dishwasher (or glasswasher) or purchasing one for the first time.

If you do not already use a commercial dishwasher in your operation, give some consideration to the cost of processing your washing up manually. It may surprise you how much staff time is spent on this task, with varying quality of finish and hygiene.

If you are using an old appliance you may be experiencing the same loss of quality. Older machines tend to be less energy efficient and economical to run.

Domestic Vs commercial dishwashers

The commercial environment requires dishwashers to be used several times per day, on very short (2-3 minute), on demand cycles. Urgent loading often leads to improper stacking of heavily soiled tableware.

Domestic machines are not designed or built with this usage in mind, so will not produce sufficient quality or hygiene nor will they function for very long or be warranted in such circumstances so an initially cheaper purchase often quickly turns out to be the more expensive option.


These days there is increased pressure on caterers to be seen to take responsibility for hygiene and environmental issues. This has to be reflected in the equipment they select.

Proper temperature control, chemical dosing and filtering are several of the important commercial dishwasher features that need to be taken into account.

Energy efficiency

The Climate Change Levy means that energy efficiency is now more critical than ever before. Our wide selection of products allows you to match your consumption to your needs.


We offer a variety of choice enabling you to pick the features and benefits that most suit your operation without having to pay for utilities you simply don’t need.